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Early Childhood
Music Playgroup

  We make music.

   We Montessori.


Our school is excited to bring you our musical playgroup where kids won't also miss learning the basic academic skills!

We are a family-loved cooperative playschool.  A cooperative playgroup is a collaboration of teachers and parents who take an active interest in their first educational experience. Our class is handled by a Montessori trained teacher and a music professional. It is a mix of 1-3 & 3-5 year old children and is equipped with music instruments and Montessori materials. The parent or guardian takes the role as a teacher or a guide during the class. We follow the approach of a student-led education in a Montessori.


A thematic curriculum is a popular and effective teaching method among playschools. Our kind of playschool practices thematic learning into the music class. Having a thematic repertoire of songs — about topics like shapes, colors, transportation, or a musical story integrated with counting concepts — can help support learning. The theme-based approach doesn’t have to be formal. Our classroom is oftentimes messy, chaotic. For in this chaos, there is collaboration, communication, creativity, and understanding among parents.

Our curriculum also includes introduction to rhythm and melody playing on the percussions, melodic bells, tone bars and xylophones. Did you know our music playing also aids academic learning? Counting is incorporated in the song like drumming the beat 1-4x. The kids are counting already! Or learning to play 1-3 notes on the melodic bells teaches them letter recognition, counting and even syllabication which supports early reading. See? Music is a very integral part of a child’s early education. This is because, children naturally responds to music even when they are still in the womb.  


Our Montessori play happens after the first music circle time. It provides an opportunity for children and their parents to come together in a specially prepared environment suited to the developmental needs of young children. This nurturing environment with specially designed materials and equipment is calm, ordered and enticing to children to explore and assist them in realising their full potential.

The focus of our program is to help children experience the joy of learning by facilitating their need for independence, order, movement, language and understanding of the world. Through the support and guidance of a facilitator, parents will increase their awareness of their child’s capabilities and need for independence. Parents will grow in their role as nurturing caregivers as they gain valuable parenting knowledge about Montessori principles including what experiences they can offer their child in the home environment.

Here's a sample timeline for a 1-hour class:

15-minute Singing and movement & story telling

10-min Group activity (ex. Sensory/Art/Craft)

25-minute Montessori play 

10-minute Instrument playing, etc. 

A child & parent can take a break/snack during the Montessori period.

Class is limited to a maximum of 10 students. We only allow 1 parent/guardian in the class.

Our Programs:

Nursery Music - 6 months to 1 year old (non-walking babies)

Little Mozart - 1 to 2.5 years old

Beethoven Juniors - 2.5 to 5years old
Saturday Mixed-Age - 1 to 5years old


  • Accompanied with live music using keyboard/guitar for teachers and various percussion instruments for the children

  • Quality singing - nursery rhymes, Disney songs, folk songs, Pop to Rock

  • Movements & dances with props - with music from traditional to contemporary

  • Children play few notes with the use of our melodic bells and tone bars as preparatory learning for piano.

  • Exposure to different music instruments 

  • Montessori play 

  • Arts & crafts with academic integration (for 18mos. to 5yo)

  • A movable obstacle course set is available for physical play

  • Puppetry to boost their imagination

  • Fun games!

  • Reading stories for language development 


  • different types of small and big drums

  • maracas

  • tambourines

  • triangles

  • rhythm sticks

  • different xylophones

  • bells

  • boomwhackers

  • tone blocks or tone bars

  • cymbals

  • melodic bells

  • chime

  • rain sticks

  • obstacle course equipment 

  • Montessori materials 

  • art materials

  • piano

  • guitars

  • ukulele

  • violins

  • .... and more!


Kids are able to perform on music recitals! Check our FB page for photos and videos


Our weekdays offer a regular playgroup schedule. Duration of class is 1 or 2 hours. You can enroll for once or twice a week classes. Once a week class is total of 4 sessions per month. Twice a week class is total of 8 sessions per month. We also have Saturday classes specially designed for wide age range, suited for siblings/families. Below are the class schedules and rates. 


We are opening new schedules as indicated in the poster below. New batches will start on August 6-10, 2024. We are now accepting enrollees for this batch. We are offering Early Bird Discount Promo for the first 20 enrollees. Remember that each class can accomodate a maximum of 10 kids only. Hurry! Message us to enroll now!


White Beige and Orange Simple Professional Copywriter Rate Card Poster (8).png

Please message us for available slots at our Facebook page. Availability may change every month. 

We have limited slots for now.

Click to register! 

Or feel free to visit us to enroll:


The Music Carpet

4F Madison Galeries Lifestyle Mall

Alabang Hills, Don Jesus Blvd.,

Cupang, Muntinlupa

Office hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00am to 6:00pm

We have separate Facebook page for The Music Carpet.

Please reach us here.

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