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Toddler Playing Drums

THE MUSIC CARPET is a program by OMLP. It is the first local brand for early childhood music classes, originally developed by professional and highly skilled musicians and teachers in the Philippines.

This is a  collaborative playgroup for children 1-5 years old where a parent/guardian is part of the class. A relaxed  30-40minute music & movement activity plus 20-minute free play or arts and crafts activity fostering various skills to prepare them for regular school.  Academic concepts are always integrated in the activities.

We believe that young age is a crucial stage where learning should be fun. Our playgroup for young kids promotes love for music and nurtures development for social, aural and motor skills. Music activities also greatly develop mindfulness in young children. Not to mention its impact on academic learning. Our class includes singing, moving and dancing with music, listening and playing real music instruments.


We are the only music and movement class in the Metro that suffice real instruments to preschoolers such as Orff percussions, bells and xylophones, real drums, even piano, guitar, ukuleles, violins for accompaniment, live performance from professional musicians and instrumental experience!

And don't miss the free play and sensory activities that our small kids have to experience! Our music room is now a playroom with music instruments and a mobile mini play gym!

Hide and Seek

Early Childhood 

Music Playgroup

We bring you our musical and artful playgroup for kids age 6 months to 5 years old. 

Special Needs Music

This program is for children and adults with special needs. 

Instrument Lessons

We also offer limited face to face instrument lessons at our studio. 


We have separate Facebook page for The Music Carpet.
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