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Our child on the first few days. A thoughtful reminder.

Dear parents,


Below are the things to remember as we start our first music class tomorrow:


  1. Please come on time with the requirements in the classroom. Please refer to the document we gave you.

  2. Please remember that we only allow 1 parent/guardian in the room this pandemic.

  3. Expect some children to cry and that may include your child. It’s perfectly normal esp on the first day. You don’t need to go out of the classroom, but you can do it if you feel you need your child to go out first for a breather.

  4. Encourage your child to participate in the singing and moving. The materials/toys in the classroom are displayed in the shelves and not covered. We do not need to cover them as we train the children not to touch it first during music/circle time.


The Music period consists of children playing as a group, while the Montessori period has a group of children working individually or on their own.


About the Montessori period,


Montessori play comes after the 20-30-minute music class. You can have a 5-minute break during this period – go the restroom or take a quick snack/milk. As mentioned in our website, our class is a parent-teacher collaboration in teaching, guiding/assisting the child the whole music and Montessori period. On the first and second day, the teacher will demonstrate for a short time after the music class how we begin and teach our children during the Montessori play.


Montessori period is a free play, where you see every child working individually with a material in the classroom. Picture it like this: The child or the parent gets a rug and choose their own play area, then gets one learning material or a set one at a time. We, teachers and parent, demonstrate to the child how a learning material is used. Every material should be returned to its proper place after using. We teach our children to do it themselves. The first month would be training times for parents and children how we Montessori.


These websites will help you get to know about Montessori: - a good site how to use the materials and it includes presentations; also some pages have demonstration videos and free printables!


How about MUSIC?

It’s our forte. Even the adults will have fun and learn the basic concepts of music. Your child will learn their very first instrument. Believe it or not, we will teach some children to play a tune on a xylophone or melodic bells. Don’t hesitate to sing and dance. This is a room for self-expression. Our classroom is not a regular classroom. It has specializations. We make music and we Montessori.

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