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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

“Grabe naman music lessons, music lang mahal mahal ng tuition fee!” “Online lang ang mahal?”

There’s a high demand now for music teachers when people had turn to music lessons online at the start of the pandemic. If you know the benefits of music to people especially the children as they grow, you will consider yourself or your child learning an instrument. On top of it is its benefit to mental health. Did you know that musical memories are preserved in the mind of those with Alzheimer’s disease?

I’d like to say that gone are the days that some people say “Music course mo? Anong future mo diyan?” That’s why musicians were looked down because they have been underpaid too. People think it’s just a hobby or a luxury. You have to feel the difference between reading a story book and playing a piano or singing.

Musicians play for event for P3k-5k individually for 4hrs. I think music teaching should also has a good pay. It’s higher because the lessons are only held 2-3x a week. But people nowadays underestimate online work. They will say “online lang, ang mahal mahal?” It doesn’t mean it’s online they don’t have bills to pay. Besides, they pay for the internet, the electricity and the effort of teaching online is doubled. I remember one teacher where his laptop battery exploded coz he had been video calling for hours. Nothing has changed for teachers or other workers shifting their jobs online. They still have to be compensated well. I know a virtual assistant or social media marketer earning P50-100k just online. Please don’t exclude teaching esp musician’s job. They carry this special skill and using an expensive music instruments aside from the computer.

I’d like to say that gone are the days that musicians job are being looked down. But you go to bars and impressed with acoustic bands? We have come to a point that we don’t pay low for musicians or music teachers anymore. We deserve growth in the economy and that includes giving a good compensation to people. So that musicians won’t leave the Philippines anymore. Likewise when we think about it for nurse or engineers. As an employer, it’s a joyful thing to see your employees being happy with their job, because they are compensated well. Music is a happy thing. It should appear on musician’s face also . If you think this video is just music and it’s not worth spending, try buying an expensive bag or shoes.

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” - Jeff Rich

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